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Getting your non-profit to the next level

Level Up LLC is a full-service direct marketing agency dedicated to enhancing the social good of nonprofit organizations through strategic fundraising campaigns.

How We Do It


We’re an agency on a mission. We start with a strategy catered and tailored to each individual nonprofit organization. What MAKES LEVEL UP different than other marketing agencies is our understanding of the nonprofit industry and our commitment to nonprofits.


We have a proven formula that delivers results every time. Just as we understand the different needs our years of experience have also demonstrated key elements that have worked in the past and will keep working in the future. We'll Level Up Your Revenue 100%


Our team is experienced in the area of marketing. As an interactive marketing and business development firm, our agency makes sure to develop creative solutions to challenge/ train staff and board members to give their best results on a daily basis.


We are experts without ego, creative without fear, and communicators without pretense. Inspired marketers with a passion for nonprofits and causes. Our way of creating things is based on excellence and we pride on our record-breaking success.

Marketing that matters

Why trust us

We’re not only a full-service marketing firm working with nonprofits to transform their messages and advance their missions. We also inspire action, raise awareness, and foster engagement around the issues that matter most. Our experience has led us to work with Fortune 500 and high-growth startups. We’re trusted by industry leaders for our results, expert knowledge, and strong strategic focus. We focus on 3 things:

It is time to Level up

We Have The Best Solutions for You

Level Up helps nonprofits achieve marketing success by telling their stories successfully, increasing donor participation and creating a sustainable source of revenue.


Create, launch and manage global marketing campaigns in major and niche channels, With our help


We have a process that uncovers your needs and delivers a beautiful result whilst ensuring your project stays on budget and on time


We design beautiful campaigns that fit your needs now and into the future


We help our partners create industries, transform spaces, disrupt the world, helping them increase revenue and grow their impact through unconventional means.


We solve challenges and craft memorable customer experiences through design


Results-driven team that focus on marketing that matters

Main focus


We create brand experiences by combining innovation and real-world marketing expertise to deliver intelligent campaigns that cut through the digital noise and precision-activate our client’s networks and commercial audiences.

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Successful Campaigns
Years Experience
our culture

Beautiful Team

Our global team of specialists collaborate to develop and deliver practical, budget aligned marketing solutions. We address business and promotional challenges, offering joined-up creative thinking and cutting-edge campaigns to transform business commercials and brand engagement. We believe in doing a few things, and doing them well. For us, that means outstanding customer service, customer experience and innovation all of which is underpinned by a focus on people.  

Building brighter futures and opportunities for our workers, customers and clients.

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Covid Update

We are trying our best to keep our employees safe and to follow the protocols recommended by professionals. If you are visiting our facilities, we encourage the following instructions: 

  • Masks are required inside the building at all times 
  • Please practice safe social distancing 
  • Please make use of the hand sanitizers placed in every room